Tove Lo would love to collaborate with Rihanna

Tove Lo on Rihanna in an interview with Nylon magazine

Tove Love told Nylon magazine that she would love to collaborate with Rihanna. Talking to Steffanee Wang, the Electropop singer reveals that she is no longer worried about producing any more hits, but still has this one dream: “I have this dream to hear Rihanna sing something that I wrote.”

Tove Lo is a 34-year-old singer/songwriter from Sweden who is most known for her hit single “Habits (Stay High)” that peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100.

It is no secret that Tove Lo, whose real name is Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, is a huge of Rihanna. In December 2019, she summed up the past decade while revealing her favorite album of the 2010s: “Anti by Rihanna. I listened to that one the most, I think, and still listen to it. It’s very powerful and unique and just really cool and badass.”

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