Rihanna covers “For The Love Of You“ by the Isley Brothers

Rihanna with Evan Rogers

Evan Rogers, the producer who discovered Rihanna in Barbados, barely ever gave any interviews. So it was surprising to hear him talk freely in a new podcast named “Making Rihanna” that was just released by the Chicago radio station WBEZ.

Rogers even shared a never before heard snippet of her audition tape in which she covers “For The Love Of You” by the Isley Brothers. A song that was already covered by Whitney Houston, who Rihanna includes as one of her “idols”.

The team of Rogers at his record label SRP Records would bring Rihanna to the United States to produce her very first demo tape that would be sent to different record labels.

In 2013, his team already released a preview of the song “Baby Brown Eyes” that was never officially released. Check out both clips to reminisce Rihanna’s vocals that were most likely recorded in 2004.

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