Charlie Puth on being in the same studio as Rihanna

Charlie Puth on being in the same studio as Rihanna - Capital Interview

UK’s radio station Capital just released a new interview with Charlie Puth, where he was asked to send in a song for Rihanna. Instead of answering the question, Puth rather had a more interesting story to tell. Apparently he saw Rihanna next door at the same studio he was in. Puth, who was on tour during the time of the interview, didn’t specify the exact date or location of this encounter, but he wasn’t even sure about the whole story either:

I swear to God, she’s rehearsing next to me. There’s always all this security next door. I just woke up myself, I thought I saw her. I could be wrong. I drive my one car and I park in my spot and I go in and do the thing. Somebody, maybe it’s not Rihanna, somebody next to me has five Escalades – Big American SUVs. Oodles of security, securing the perimeter, like Joe Biden’s in town. An RV with satelittes that say “Direct TV” on them, which is a television provider around here. So fancy, someone’s watching television in their trailer. I don’t know. It’s either her or someone way more important than me.

Rihanna was last spotted at a recording studio in Los Angeles in early October, which were most likely sessions to record the songs for the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” soundtrack.

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