Jennifer Hudson would love to interview Rihanna

Jennifer Hudson would love to have Rihanna on her talk show

Singer/actress Jennifer Hudson premiered her namesake talk show in September and already had big names like Viola Davis and Simon Cowell sitting on her couch. However, there is one specific person that she would love to join her Syndicated daytime-show: Rihanna.

Jennifer Hidson: “I love Rihanna. I just like her energy”

Speaking to ET, Hudson said “I would love to have Rihanna, I think that would be cool” and added “just to see people come out from all the areas of the industries that I’m a part of and bring everyone together. I love human interest stories, I love people who are just dreamers, I love being amongst my peers and everything, so I wanna create a community where everyone can come together.

Speaking to Elle UK in 2021, Hudson already confessed her love for Rihanna: “I love me some Rihanna. I just like her energy. She’s so real and effortly fabolous.

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