Obama references Rihanna in a new ad

Obama references Rihanna in a new voting ad for attn:

Former President Barack Obama references Rihanna in a new ad that aims to animate Generation Z to register to vote. While listing a few points that voting cannot change, he also jokes about Rihanna’s upcoming studio album release: “I’ve heard a lot recently about how voting doesn’t solve everything […] It won’t make Rihanna’s new album drop any faster.

Obama listens to Rihanna’s music

While the text is most likely written by the media company “attn:”, it is a well known fact, that Obama indeed listens to Rihanna’s music. His past two Summer Playlists included Rihanna songs: “Desperado” in 2021 and “Too Good” in 2022. Back in 2020, Obama also revealed that “Work” is a “jam”.

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