Rihanna to open SavageX store in Miami

Rihanna to open SavageX store at Miami Worldcenter

Rihanna’s lingerie brand SavageX continues to expand their retail fleet. As Commercial Observer first reported, another store is currently in plans to launch at Miami Worldcenter. The building in the middle of the city is supposed to house SavageX in a space of 3,000 square feet (278m²) at the base of the Paramount project.

The brand launched its first physical store in Las Vegas on January 22nd of 2022. Four more stores were added throughout the year while seven more were announced in May. According to an initial press release they would also open in 2022, yet they still remain behind closed doors. As the Chicago Business Journal reported a few days ago, atleast the store opening in Chicago was pushed back to 2023.

Rihanna’s SavageX to open stores in Europe

Rihanna’s pregnancy and negotiations on the company’s plan to go public most likely set back the scheduling, but it’s obvious, that the team is continously working behind the scenes. Christiane Pendarvis, Co-President of SavageX, once revealed that stores would always open in cities that already have a great amount of online customers. Pendarvis also confirmed that the UK, France, Spain and Germany are their biggest markets outside the US.

The Miami opening is yet to be confirmed by SavageX.

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