Rihanna on “Fenty Kids”

Rihanna on "Fenty Kids" (ET interview at her SavageX Show Vol. 4 black carpet on October 16, 2022)

Fenty Beauty, Skin, lingerie and even Fenty Hair is in the works. However, Fenty Kids is yet to be produced. Back in February – while still pregnant – Rihanna first talked about a potential baby/maternity line at a Fenty Beauty event: “It’s like the obvious next step to everyone, but I haven’t started anything yet” and made sure to tell reporters that “one thing’s at a time.” Fast forward six months and after birth, the same reporter now asked the same question again. At Rihanna’s latest carpet event for the upcoming SavageX Show Vol. 4, Rachel Smith dared to repeat the question. This time Rihanna had a slightly different answer:

I always thought that would be cliché, the obvious thing to do when you have a baby. But when I went shopping, that’s when I realized, maybe I need to start making the stuff that I want my kids to wear, because it’s hard. I got my own ideas.

However, Rihanna didn’t continue to specify her ideas as “the ops are watching”, but it’s clear that Rihanna might actually step into the fashion-game again.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget that she even mentioned Fenty Furniture once in 2018.

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