Who takes care of Rihanna’s baby when she’s at work?

Rihanna talks about her baby in an interview with E! News at the SavageX Show Vol. 4 taping (October 16, 2022)

Rihanna gave birth to her first child on May 13th of 2022. According to her own words, she went back to work only three days later. It was only a Zoom call to negotiate on SavageX’s upcoming collections, but some fans and parents may wonder: Who is taking care of Rihanna’s son when she’s working (and A$AP is too)?

No babysitter for Rihanna, her own mother will take care of her son

Rihanna told press at her black carpet of the SavageX Show Vol. 4 taping (Oct 16) that the show’s production is the first big thing she did since giving birth. She also made sure to let reporters know that only the Super Bowl could get her out of home: “You can get real comfortable being at home as a mum.” She truly doesn’t want to let her kid at home, but she can’t neglect her companies either.

While she made sure to let fans know to not expect any new music, just because she’s performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, she also told E! News that it will most likely be her mother who will take care of the baby when she’s out of house: “She’s with the baby [now], it’s either her or me.”

So there’s no babysitter in her house, you can be sure that Rihanna or her mum will be in charge all the time. Rihanna even revealed that she becomes just like her mum too: “That’s a thing? It happened to me! Even little things that annoy me about her, I do it. I make the same faces, say the same things. It’s weird.“

Rihanna on her baby: He’s funny and happy

Meanwhile Rihanna also talked a lot about her son as well. She told he’s in his “cuddly stage” right now and confirms that he’s “funny and happy”. She appreciates the mornings the most as she’s fascinated by his eyes and is also in love with his smile. Make sure to check out all interviews from the black carpet to not miss a single statement on her 6-months-old baby.

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