Best Rihanna Halloween Costumes of 2022

Best Rihanna Halloween Costumes of 2022 include a lot of pregnancy looks

There is no Halloween without a Rihanna-inspired costume! The holidays that is celebrated the most in the United States, produces several looks known out of her music videos and other appearances year by year. According to NRF, the annual Halloween expenditure is even set to reach an all-time high of nearly 11 billion U.S. dollars this year. We can tell by looking at the effort that went into most of the following recreated Rihanna looks.

Rihanna’s pregnancy looks were recreated for Halloween 2022

Twitter-user “gabgonebad” put together an entire thread of looks that were found throughout all social media. Some classics including her 2014 naked CFDA dress by Adam Selman or the look from the “Pour It Up” music video had a return, but it’s most obvious that pregnant Rihanna was a favorite this year. Many outfits were recreated, while some even had a A$AP Rocky double next to her as well.

Click the tweet to check the full thread:

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