Halloween 2022: “Disturbia” streaming stats

Rihanna's "Disturbia" streaming stats for Halloween 2022

You cannot think of a perfect Halloween playlist and not include Rihanna’s “Disturbia”. Despite being released in 2008, the Brian Kennedy produced song will always find its way back to our playlists weeks prior to the holiday. Even Spotify added the track to their annual Halloween playlist again, which helped boost the song’s streaming numbers, as reported by FentyStats.

Last year, the song received 990,452 Spotify streams globally on October 31st which made “Disturbia” re-chart the Top 100 on Spotify (and Apple Music). This year’s streaming activity seems to be on a good path again. On October 14th, the song already received 43% more streams than on the same day in 2021. However, we didn’t expect the streaming numbers to almost double on Oct 31st:

Rihanna’s Disturbia Streaming Stats on October 31st

2018: 840,675
2019: 889,811
2020: 985,787
2021: 990,452
2022: 1,672,495

Besides Rihanna’s regular party hits, even “The Monster” and “Mad House” usually get more streams during Halloween season.

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