Vocal Coach react to Rihanna’s “Lift Me Up”

Vocal Coach Biana Brown of "Vocal Nova Academy" reviews Rihanna's "Lift Me Up"

Many fans and music lovers had an opinion on Rihanna’s new single “Lift Me Up”. Some pointed out its intention to tribute Chadwick Boseman, some praised the lyrics while others criticized its genre. But what actually stands out are Rihanna’s vocals. Vocal Coach Bianca Brown of “Vocal Nova Academy” was the first to review the song out of her expertise.

Vocal Coach praises Rihanna’s vocals in “Lift Me Up”

Biana seems to be excited about Rihanna’s “comeback” as she’s happy to see her “back on the scene”. She stops at the right moments and highlights all the notes Rihanna is known for: “She enters with a really noted Rihanna-type sound […] that she always carries out through her music.”

She praises Rihanna’s emotions in the song, points out her vocal transitions while she sings her favorite lines herself. It is definitely worth a watch!

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